June 16, 2015

A wisp.

source: www.pixar-planet.fr
He set out to the hill. Through the forest, that he knew so well. Borne away by a moment of inattention, he departed his usual paths and ended up in an ancient, magical orchard at the end of the forest, where trees are retreating from swamps, talking flowers blossom and a brooklet flows down the valley. Many paths lead to it but only one is leading away. It’s midnight and tree crowns are fading into the darkness. As if the moon and stars didn’t come out today. He is sitting in all the silence and watching flickering flame reflecting off a calm lake. The smell of a fresh ash is spreading out from  the fire above which, a breeze is fluttering its wings and starting to paint a silhouette of a wisp. Such beautiful and luring light. He cannot resist. Determined to follow it, he starts walking, when his eyes notice another wisp as alluring as the first one in the opposite direction. Both are showing paths to take. He really wants to go after both of them but you know what it’s like. Wisps are tricky. You never know which one shows you the path leading to the treasure and which one leads you to the gates of hell. Many lost souls and few redeemed. He has to decide which one is the one to be trusted. But who holds the key ? 

Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin are two friends joined by London and fascination of perfumes. Many cups of coffee, fragrance of a bouquet coming out of the florist’s shop and a fistful of tales made them sew their names together. Decided. Friedemodin. With a magical key, they’re unlocking the door into a mystic garden in which a day passes to bring a fragrance of a dewy morning, a glare of the midday sun, cooling down after the nightfall and the mystery of the night. A perfume story full of herbs, flowers, petals, stalks, bark and grass filled in quartet of Vertin, Jardin mystique, Rosee de nuit and Feu follet. The last one makes a legend of wisps come to life.
Feu follet. At first with a touch of sweetness and in while it creates pleasant bitterness on the palate. Hot or cold? Nothing is resolved. It flies here and there waiting for you to decide what she really is. Fresh ash, skin, sweetish spice or dark, abstract flowers. You can choose what outweighs. One is certain. It bites and strokes and tries to seduce you on its own path.  

Friedemodin - Feu Follet
A crossing. Two wisps. Two different paths. Two one-way roads. They cannot be bypassed and time gives its first warning. To not decide means to give up and remain forever enchanted in the dense forest. He realises that he is not getting any more reliefs. He has to take his chances. He divides his decisions into the balls of balance pan. He puts his security, convenience, safe zone of comfort and leading a dog’s life in the first one. In the second one, he puts unexplored corners with all ups and downs, immeasurable joy and the cruellest pain, where you are once a beggar and once a king. Tick tock. Finding a compass won’t be easy. His body, mind and heart are rising up against each other. Every part wants something else. Be wise, appreciate what you’ve got and don’t take any risks. And wouldn’t you regret it? Remember your dreams, do you want them to die with us? Why to walk when you can fly? Forget about the mirage from the sky, stay low and you will always be able to land safely. Life is a change. Don’t be a player, you know how gamblers end up and that’s not you. Permit yourself some pleasure, you only live once and you don’t know for how long. Can you take it all? Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Are you here for the others or for yourself? You don’t have to do anything yet you can do anything. Dialogs of the unsettled soul cannot reach the end. Tick tock. Tick tock. The scale is weighting the weight of every thought. Everything counts and nothing is going to be for free. He now understands what it means that everyone bears their own cross.  Voices are suddenly ceasing. They said everything they had to say. He begs for another suggestion that could be weighed. The answer is silence.  One point in the space and two impatient wisps by his sides. A sense of urgency is rising. Exhausted by constant running up and down, he stops. He takes a deep breath and sets off. He doesn’t look back anymore. He walks lightly. He knows who he is.

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