January 16, 2016

Stone by stone. Mystery after mystery. Interview with Olivier Durbano.

What it's more usual than a stone? And yet... If looked at with different eyes, suddenly in front of you a whole new world will emerge. The world of mysteries, secrets and stories ... full of symbolism and colors, in which you can find connection between man and nature, connection with the supernatural. You can be born and die to become once again an immortal part of the macrocosms, gaze into the blown flame, discover a piece of the sky falling on the ground and understand the message of your dreams ...

Precious stones. They are a crucial place in Olivier Durbano's life. Since 1998 he creates from stones unique pieces of jewelry and symbolically translates stones into perfumes. Amethyst, Turquoise, Citrine, Rock Crystal ... When I met Olivier Durbano live, he radiated something that could not be seen in the photos. It was some kind of peace and positive energy. I bring you an interview with him.

Olivier Durbano
1. Why Stone? How did you come to stone? Do you have a special relationship to thismaterial then other, by example wood? Is stone for you somehow “alive”?

Stones are in my life since long time; i was 4 years old when i wanted that my parents bought me a grey stone on a flea market… It was certainly the first stone in my life. After that i collected a lot, on my ways… Until the first creation, a necklace, an other one and an other one, all in unique piece… and the idea of smells of stone, inspired by legend and symbolic… Stones are really me, i m not able to explain exactly… I have the kind of feelings with the incenses.

2. Why the linkage between perfumes and jewelry?

Stones, of course and imagination :-) Each stone is an universe, an atmosphere, a little story, from which i can imagine a smell, a scent, a fragrance.

3. All your perfumes have their typical “Durbano” style. You can feel the mineral tones from them. Do they contain some real mineral ingredient, or it is an artistic trick?

Give meaning is essential for me. from the stone to the perfume, it s a translation, an interpretation, full of symbolics, by the way of incenses and other ingredients...

4. Your creation is full of symbols and spirituality. Is this your lifestyle as well? Do you have some, let’s say, “spiritual” rituals?

Work on myself is the first step. Each perfume, since 11 years, is one year of my life. everything is symbols ans spirituality if i want to give meanings, to share an experience, meetings and energies.

5. As in previous years, this year as well, in September you presented your new creation – Chrysolithe. It’s a very simpatico attitude in an age hungry for constant new creations. You are longer in the perfume world. If you would have to assess what changed from the time you started till now, and how the future will look?

I m and i work to become more and more positive :-) I have no idea to come back in the past. Step by step, stone by stone, i go on the way, with the maximum of light.

6. It is December. Do you already carry in your head the next perfume, or still waiting for the right inspiration?

 In my mind, in my mood, yes. I have some pictures… some smells…

7. Which stone best represents you, which stone belongs to your zodiac?

I don’t know. I fell me well with a lot of different stones. Rock crystal, black tourmaline… i have it all the time with me.

Olivier Durbano - Rock Crystal, Black Tourmaline

8. Prometheus liked people, and donated them back the fire that they lost. What would you donate to people?

 I can’t tell you, but the dream will be that it will be to share Love, Light, Trust and Faith… together, because it s never by only one side…

9. Is it possible to mix your perfumes between themselves?

 Freedom and Life, each one do what he want with it.

10. Which of your perfumes was the most difficult to create?

Same for each one.

11. Eleven perfumes, eleven questions. What should be the eleventh question?

What do you feel ? 

More than what do you smell :-)

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